Fit by Salts

Fit by Salts – von Uwe Siebler Die englische Ausgabe des renomierten Bestsellers „Fit durch Salze“ aus unserem Portfolio

The Biochemic method

The “Biochemic method” is a healing method based on the balance of the 12 cell salts. 

With the book “Fit by Salts” Uwe Siebler succeeded to depict this natural healing method in an easily, understandable and amazing way. Not only compiling important information about health but also making it fun to read. 

The Reading-Extract:

…Returned from our trip. Surely, now you want to know which 12 cell salts were discovered by Dr. Schuessler and what the health effects look like. It is best to show this by individual examples because the area of application is extremely large. During the interview, Dr. Schuessler told us, “All diseases, which can be treated with medication at all, can be treated with my healing method.”

Now our first example. Let us look at Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller is suffering from backache. She is holding an inner monologue, let us listen.

“Oh, there it is again this pain in the back. It is extremely bad while standing up. When I have walked a couple of steps, it will certainly get better. Now with the kids grown up I could undertake so many things. How great it would be if I could play some tennis again but with this backache it is no dice. Alas, now I even dropped the key. Bend down very slowly, or else… ouch, there it is again, this cursed pain.”

“Hello Mrs. Miller.”

“Who is talking to me?”

“It is me, your spinal disk between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebra.”

“What? My spinal disk can talk?”

“Yes, in exceptional cases that is possible.”

“Is it you who is aching so much?”

“Yes, that is me.”

“Why do you do that? Can you not leave me alone?”

“No, I cannot do that because you have neglected me for years.”

“Why have I neglected you? I went to the doctor regularly. He often prescribed massages. I even had a treatment at a health resort because of you. And you say I have neglected you.”

“But you did not give me what I need.”

“What do you need then?”

“I need Calcium Fluoride.”

“So what is that?”

“Calcium Fluoride is a cell salt, which gives me the firmness I need.”

“That is nonsense.”

“That is no nonsense. Since Calcium Fluoride is missing I became completely floppy and squeeze myself sideways between the vertebras. And there I am pressing the nerve. Look, I will press right now.”

“Ouch, it is all right. And you think it will get better if I take this Calcium Fluoride?”

“If you take 4 Calcium Fluoride tablets 3 times every day, I will be fit again in about 9 months time.”

So much of the conversation between Mrs. Miller and her spinal disk. According to Dr. Schuessler’s insights Calcium Fluoride gives firmness to the connective tissue and the supporting tissue, and the spinal disks are among them…



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